In 2012 DJ Steel created "The DJ AdRock Memorial award for exceptional DJing" because AdRock was such an exceptional DJ. It started out that DJ AdRock would choose the receipient of the award each year. In 2012 DJ AdRock awarded the prestigous honour to none other that DJ Steel! Subsequently SoundFM caught word of the Award and took it over and said now Steel at the next AGM you will give this award our to another deserving DJ of your choosing. The "DJ AdRock memorial award for exceptional DJing" was then given to Dj Saviour of Nightmare radio.

On that fateful night of the first ever SoundFM awards, the Mano A Mano show was crowned
"The best classic program on SoundFM"



The Mano A Mano show has a few recuring segments that comprise the 8-10 Tuesday time slot

1) The Past Feature Segment: Each week we rock out bands that we have featured in the past on our show. We let me know amigo's know who is playing when in the area and how they can get their tickets.

2) The Rock Cut Feature of the week: Each we DJ Adrock and DJ Steel feature a bands new album or a band that is playing the area that we thing is awesome and that the Mano Amigo's would enjoy.

3) The MAM Battle: Each Week the Mano A Mano show has a different theme and we each choose 4 songs based upon that theme and rock them over the airwaves. The Mano Amigo's are then asked to come to this website and choose which DJ they thought played the better tunes.

*) Live-To-Airs: from time to time the Mano A Mano show has guests in the studio that perform and answer intense grueling questions

A Brief History:
The Mano A Mano Radio show has come a long way since Season 1. Ititially the show was slotted on SoundFm's Sunday at 12:00 (midnight) time slot and was only a half an hour long. After many time and day changes the Mano A Mano show has had 2 successful seasons at its new home Tuesdays at 8:00-10:00 pm.

In addition to these changes Season 2 saw the departure of fan favourite DJ Jeff E Jeff (who still guest DJ's from time-to-time) and the joining of DJ AdRock who has brought a brand new dynamic to the show.

Season 3 was short and sweet as Season 4 was deemed to begin as the Mano A Mano show picked up Producer Tim who began podcasting the Mano A Mano show and making it available on iTunes.

For Season 5 Mano A Mano was sponsored by a Music Listography book that comprised most of the themes of the season. Mano Amigo's could follow along updating their own books with their own Musical playlists.

Season 6 was full of band interviews and was the start of release of the Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Audio Comic.

Season 7 Mano A Mano was our festival season where we promoted the Audio comic and got a new show sponsorship. In addition to all this Mano A Mano won "Best Classic Show" on SoundFM.

All this leads us to our current season Season 8. What will happen this season?




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