Season 10 - Lost Indie City drinking a King Street Saison
Block Three Brewing Company
Mammal Theme
Going Solo Set
Australlian Bands or Artists

Season 9 - Into the second dimension
Top Releases of 2015 & Golden MP3 Awards (audio podcast)
The Alpacas Live
Rosedale Live
Carry on Comic: Comics and History
Rock Cut Video Review: For Esme - You
Carry on Comic's: Canada Day
Carry on Comic's Captain Canuck Review
NXNE: Son Lux Feature
Top Shelf Video Review: Smashing Pumpkins - Drum and Fife
S2 Episode 5: Attack of the Drones
S2 Episode 4: The Paperboy
S2 Episode 3: The SoundFM Stealer
S2 Episode 2: Interrogations
S2 Episode 1: Coleman
S2 Episode 0: It begins again
Season 2
Episode 6 (Part B): The Final Intervention
Episode 6 (Part A): The Plan
Episode 5: Detective J. Steel
Episode 4: The ManoKnight Attack
Episode 3: A Villain is Born
Episode 2: The Water Bottle Mystery
Episode 1: The Server Room
The Electrifying Adventures
Paul Jago of the Gandharvas: First Day of Spring
Gilt Restaurant Review
Episode 1 & 2 Artist Audio Assault
Top Shelf Video: Limblifter - Dopamine
Top Shelf Video: The Gay Nineties - Hold Your Fire

Season gr8 Winner
Free Comic Book Day DJ Steel
DJJEJ Season 2 info DJ Steel
DJ JEJ's Travells part one DJ AdRock
Kickstarter Battle DJ AdRock
Band photo album cover battle DJ AdRock
Photo album covers battle DJ Steel
Drawn or painted album cover battle DJ Steel
Top 10 Rock Cuts of 2014 Mounties
Captain Canuck DJ Steel
New Rock Cut Can Battle DJ Steel
Christmas Music Battle DJ AdRock
4 Weeks of Christmas Contest Iulianna, Tony K.
Top 20 Raptors of all time  
Remembrance / Moustache / poor trade battle DJ AdRock
MAM Hate Mail Anti-Battle everyone
Nickname/Pet Name Battle DJ AdRock
Fixing Ol Betsy Battle DJ AdRock
IMBIBE Food and Drink Battle DJ Steel
Local Love Battle Mano Amigos
Wed-Dig Battle DJ Jeff E Jeff
Comic Book Battle DJ Plan B
Tech Committee Battle DJ Steel
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Battle DJ Steel
SoundFM Golden CD Awards Mano A Mano
The Space Committee Battle DJ AdRock
The Crazy Canuck DJ Steel
Chris Martin Visits SoundFM DJ SteelHead
Beer Tasting Challenge DJ Merlyn
Beertown Battle DJ Steel
Canada/NetFlix Day DJ AdRock
First World Problems DJ Steel
Tokyo Requests Limblifter
Lancaster Smokehouse DJ Steel
Season 8 Battle DJ AdRock

Season 7 Themes - Everything is new and exciting! Winner
Interview Battle DJ AdRock
The Beard Battle DJ Rockshow
The Big Music Festival Battle DJ Steel
MRI Music Playlist DJ AdRock
This is Woodrow Jeff Woodrow
CFL Alumni Association - naming possible beers LB
Northern Uprising DJ Mattador
DJ Gogaliesha vs DJ Rockrilla - Elementary Pop Tie
The Barmy Brittish Battle DJ AdRock
April Fools / Mounties / Top Shelf / More Prizes! DJ Steel
Lake of Bays Brewing Company Battle DJ Steel
Mano A Mano saves the Station Again! Everyone
DJ Pikey Pete's Mystery Song Congrats Josie!
Mounties Band Member Battle DJ Steel
LEGO Movie Battle DJ AdRock
DJ Gogalesha come back to SoundFM DJ Gogalesha
Top Songs of 2013 Everyone
MAM Fire Battle DJ Party Boy
Songs with talking DJ Steel
Community Art Battle DJ Steel
The Movember Moustache Battle DJ AdRock
Night\Shift Battle 2 DJ AdRock
Night\Shift Battle 1 DJ Steel
The One Song Battle DJ Jeff E Jeff

Season 6 Themes - Where are all the battles? Winner
Songs in the Key of 666
Back 2 SKOOL songs DJ AdRock
KOI Music Festival Battle DJ Steel
Hints to the new station location
College Radio Day!
Sik songs for the Sick Dj Jeff E Jeff
The Battle of "Light songs" DJ AdRock
Mano A Mano welcomes Audio Tsunami
Cyanide Kiss live in the Studio!!!!
Said Dog Concert [Part 1] [Part 2]
Poor Young things Interview
So Old it's New fill-in show [PART 1] [PART 2] Steel E Dragon
Dj Adrock Reports live from the Neil Young Concert DJ AdRock!!
Best Second Albums Dj Steel
The Greatest Mano Slow-Downs Ever DJ Steel
Musical Mystery Solved  
Curse word Battle DJ Steel
Top Albums of 2012 DJ AdRock
Top Shower songs DJ Steel
The Cadaverific Comic Battle Comic DJ Jeff E Jeff
The Amazing Race Battle We Both lost!
The Spring Cleaning Battle! DJ AdRock
The Amazing Race Audition Update (Unicorn talk)
The Artists and Character of "The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff"
Bands Boycotting Coachella Battle DJ AdRock
Golden CD Awards Predictions
Music Mystery
Hillside Battle DJ AdRock
Website is down Battle DJ Steel
Sponsor Battle DJ Steel
Hash tag Battle DJ AdRock
Golden CD Awards presentation
Top Canadian Band not alread on DJJEJ DJ AdRock
Top Pre-Game Songs DJ Steel
The Interview/Meeting Battle DJ Steel
The First ever on-air Musical Exorcism DJ Sexy Face
Moses Bogart wedding Extravaganza DJ Steel
A Firmer Reality Battle with DJ Cobra DJ Cobra
The Primal Animal Battle DJ Jeff E Jeff
54-40 Concert Review
Mom's Tattoo Battle DJ Steel
KOI Music Battle of Past Features DJ AdRock
KOI Music Festival Battle DJ AdRock
Silultaneous season 6 end and 7 begins DJ AdRock

Season 5 Themes - Music listography Battles Winner
Favorite Bands DJ Adrock
Favorite Albums DJ Adrock
Favorite Songs DJ Steel
*F the Police (featuring DJ Dan and DJ Jeff E Jeff) DJ Jeff E Jeff
Best Concerts/Festivals we have seen DJ Steel
Highschool Theme DJ Adrock
Favorite music moments in film DJ Steel
Bands you DONT like - good songs though! DJ Adrock
Songs that remind you of past Relationships
[default win]
DJ Steel
Songs to play at your Wedding/Funeral [default win] DJ Steel
The Make-out Mix tape DJ Steel
Therapy in a song DJ Steel
Who would we want to be a backup singer for DJ Steel
60's (podcast from '69) DJ AdRock
70's (podcast from '79) DJ Steel
80's (podcast from '89) DJ AdRock
90's (podcast from '99) DJ Steel
Bands that should NOT have broken up DJ Steel
Music our parents listened to DJ AdRock
Dance party playlist DJ Steel
Slow dance playlist vs Allyson baker of Dirty Ghosts DJ AdRock
Instrumental pieces DJ Steel
Soul and Blues singers (where did this pocast go?) DJ Steel
*Not in the Book: Random New Release box DJ BPH & JEJ
*Not in the Book: Southern Souls Battle DJ Adrock
Top Male vocalists DJ AdRock
Top female vocalists DJ Steel
Best Music Biopics & Documentaries DJ Steel

Season 4 Themes - PODCASTS!!!! Winner
Them's Fightin' words DJ Steel
Theme Dog Tie
Yo Gabba Gabba Tie
Food Tie
Mashups DJ Steel
Three way Random-Selection (w/ DJ Door Matt) DJ AdRock
Seasonal affective disorder DJ AdRock
Revolution DJ Steel
Past Feature Bands Part 1: our own features DJ Steel
Past Feature Bands Part 2: opponents features DJ AdRock
Album title tracks DJ Steel
Songs linked to colours DJ AdRock
Acoustic songs DJ Steel
Sound FM Promo Show DJ AdRock
Mother Theme DJ AdRock
2011 released music DJ Steel
Baseball theme DJ Steel
Going to the dump theme DJ AdRock
Canadian Content DJ Steel
Hidden Tracks DJ AdRock

Season 3 Themes - The short and sweet season Winner
Opening Songs DJ AdRock
Flight Tie
$e)( DJ AdRock
Covers better than the origional Tie
Songs that reference another song or band Tie
Songs from our childhood, that still Rock DJ Steel
Songs about death (halloween show) DJ Adrock
Disfunctional Family Songs (Featuring DJ Jeff E Jeff & AdRock) Tie
War Songs DJ Steel
Bands with Numbers in them (Featuring DJ Jeff E Jeff) DJ Jeff E Jeff
Artist that died in the prime of their career DJ AdRock
Ontario Bands DJ AdRock
West of Ontario bands(still in Canada) DJ AdRock
East of Ontario bands (still in Canada) Tie
Christmas Songs DJ Steel

Season 2 Themes - Goodbye Jeff E Jeff Winner
Love Songs DJ Steel
Canadian Content (Go Canada!) DJ Jeffy Jeff
Songs with Cow Bell DJ Steel
Random shuffle songs Tie
Water Songs (Featuring DJ Door Matt) DJ Steel
March Madness Songs DJ Jeffy Jeff
Studying Songs DJ Steel
Nature Songs DJ Steel
Non-North American DJ AdRock
Japan Related AdRock-Steel Tie
Pump - up songs DJ AdRock
Great Lyrics DJ Steel
New Releases DJ Steel
Make out Songs DJ AdRock
Live Versions Tie
Bands from FIFA Cup Countries Tie
Canada VS USA Tie
Religious twist DJ AdRock
Songs with Something more Tie
Change/Moving (the move to prime time) DJ Steel
Slow-Downs DJ AdRock
Album Enders (season 2 final show) DJ Steel

Season 1 Themes - The start of it all! Winner
Instrumental Songs DJ Steel
Cover Songs DJ Steel
Remixed Songs Tie
80's B-sides (Featuring DJ Jimmy) Tie
Driving songs (to the cottage) DJ Jeffy Jeff
Female Vocalists DJ Jeffy Jeff
Songs with Solo's DJ Steel
Songs with Brass (horns) DJ Steel
Band with only 2 members
(Featuring DJ Jimmy)
DJ Jimmy Jam
Good songs by bands we dont like DJ Jeffy Jeff

Link Songs (featuring DJ Matt vs DJ AdRock)

DJ Door Matt
Bird songs AdRock should have played to beat DJ Matt DJ Steel
Back to School songs DJ Jeffy Jeff
Songs about Time (new time slot show) DJ Jeffy Jeff
Songs with Piano DJ Steel
Songs under 3 minutes
(featuring DJ APes)
Bands under the age of 21 DJ Jeffy Jeff
Soundtrack songs DJ Steel
Halloween Songs DJ Jeffy Jeff
H-Songs (featuring DJ RAM) DJ RAM
Transportation Songs
(featuring DJ Matt vs DJ AdRock)
DJ Steel
GoodBye To the Station Songs DJ Steel
Past Shows Recap Battle

DJ Jeffy Jeff

MAM Fight


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