The Final Episode!

The final episode of the Electrifying Adventures was released July 1st on CKMS and YouTube. There are even more great Canadian Bands that we would have loved to feature in the episodes and that we will continue to feature on the radio. Here it is!

The artwork for episode 5 was created by Cameron Matthews.

S2 Episode 5

Featured Bands (in order of appearance):

1) Vote Robot
2) Buck 65
3) Bass Lions
4) Legato Vipers
5) The Famines
6) Synthcake
7) 54-40
8) Atomic Seven
9) The Darcys
10) Ryan Dahle
11) Siskiyou
12) Chad Vangaalen
13) The Bleating Hearts
14) Prairie Cat
15) Robot Apocalypse featuring Gary Cain of the Gary Cain Band and Brad Merritt of 54-40


Episode 4: The Paperboy released!!

The Electrifying Sessions just released Episode 4: “The Paperboy” last night! Catch the ending of the epic chase down of the ManoKnight. Also, what does a paperboy have to do with anything? Find out here!

The Artwork for Episode 4 that was released on June 16th 2015 was created by Trevor Waurechen. Listen above and check his work out here:

S2 Episode 4

Featured Bands (in the order they appear):

1) Paul Jago and Jud Ruhl
2) A Tribe called Red
3) Patrik Watson
4) Smash Boom Pow
5) Bend Sinister
6) The Cursed Arrows
7) Silent Film Soundtrack
8) The Alpacas
9) Del Bel
10) Chromeo
11) Static in Stereo
12) Robot Apocalypse Featuring Elsa Jayne, Parker Bossley of the Mounties and Ian Somers of Limblifter

Season 2 Episode 3: The SoundFM Stealer

This past week on the Electrifying Sessions we released Episode 3!!! Only Two more to go! Things finish on a huge climax in this episode! But everything will be revealed in 2 weeks!

The Artwork for Episode 3 was created by Colleen Temple.

S2 Episode 3

Featured Bands (in the order they appear):

1) Ryan Dahle
2) Stone River
3) Neil Young
4) Kandle
5) Dragging the Mule
6) The Gary Cain Band
7) Mohagany Frog
8) Rehashed
9) Thee Silver Mt. Zion
10) Culture Reject
11) Adverteyes
12) Robot Apocalypse featuring Mike Cattanach “Goose” of Cyanide Kiss

Season 2 Episode 2: Interrogations

Episode 2 release date May 19th

Artwork by Sophia Westrop

S2 Episode 2

Bands Featured (in order of appearance):

1) Hayden
2) The Zolas
3) After Dark
4) Blind
5) Foxtrott
6) Last Ex
7) Hoosier Poet
8) Mean Red Spiders
9) The Marble Index
10) Robot Apocalypse featuring Parker Bossley of Fur Trade and The Gay Nineties

Season 2 Episode 1: Coleman

Season 2 was kicked off last night with the release of Episode 1: Coleman on The Electrifying Sessions with DJ Jeff E Jeff. Tune in two weeks from now for Episode 2!

The Artwork for this episode was created by Alex Palczewski

S2 Episode 1

Our comprehensive list of great Canadian bands continues this season with more exciting new and old bands (in order of appearance):

1) Econoline Crush
2) The Gay Nineties
3) Jon McKiel
4) Fresh Snow
5) Le Pelican Noir
6) Finger Eleven
7) Sinewave
8) Ought
9) Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche
10) Robot Apocalypse – Featuring Ryan Stanley of Cursed Arrows

DJ Rockrilla & Season 2

The Electrifying Adventure Begins Again!

DJ Rockrilla has been on the Mano A Mano show a few times, he is most known for his battles vs DJ Gogaliesha. Rockrilla was such a fan of the Electrifying Adventures that he said “the only thing that could make the comic better would be if they had to battle robots” DJ Steel and DJ Jeff E Jeff took this idea and wrote it into the new season! Check out the trailer above!

The new season, complete with robots, is being released starting in May 5th and Ending on Canada Day!

Season 1 Episode 6 Part A & B

A few weeks ago we released Season one Episode 6 A and B together as one big episode on CKMS.
You can find the two episodes in all their glory here:

S1 Episode 6A

Episode 6A Artwork by Amanda Hordyk: Episode 6A

Music in order of appearance by:
1) The Tea Party
2) Three Crowns
3) Daphni
4) Sandro Perri
5) Fur Trade
6) Friendly Rich and the lollipop people
7) Cessna
8) Kitchens & Bathrooms
9) Monster Truck
10) Britt Black
11) Royal Canoe
12) Japanese Girls
13) Arcade Fire

S1 Episode 6B

Artwork by various artists: Episode 6B

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Silvergun and Spleen
2) Apostle of Hustle
3) Barenaked Ladies
4) The Nefidovs
5) Holy F___
6) Life in Vaccume
7) Colin Stetson
8) Grand Format
9) Dexter Homes
10) The New Pornographers
11) Quarterback
12) Age of Electric
13) Sunset Rubdown
15) Do Make Say Think

Season 1 Episode 5: Detective J. Steel

This past Tuesday on “The Electrifying Session with DJ Jeff E JEff” we re-released Episode 5: Detective J. Steel while gearing up for the season 2 release. We also released the Season 2 promo that can be seen below. This is the first issue where DJ Steel is introduced into the story to help DJ AdRock figure out what is going on with his Mano A Mano co-host! This also brought Big Poppa Higgs in as the voice of DJ Steel.

S1 Episode 5

Episode 5 Artwork by Fred Start:
Episode 5

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Mind of A Squid
2) Bella Clava
3) Fujahtive
4) K-OS
5) Falcon Punch
6) House of Velvet
7) Quarterback
8) Mise en Scene
9) Kid Koala
10) Yamantaka | Sonic Titan
11) The Tragically Hip
12) My Dad vs Your
13) New Wings
14) UBT
15) Matthew Good
16) Wax Mannequin
17) Bryan Adams

Season Two: The Adventure Begins Again!

The Electrifying Adventure Begins Again!

Featuring Music By:

1) Death From above 1979

Mentions of  “The Robot Apocalypse Collective” band that will release one original track each episode.

This collective has contributions from:
1) Gary Cain of the Gary Cain Band
2) Parker Bossley of Fur Trade, The Gay Nineties and The Mounties
3) Ryan Stanley of the Cursed Arrows
4) Ryan Dahle of Limblifter, The Mounties and the Age of Electric
6) Brad Merritt of 54-40
7) Ian Somers of Limblifter and Love and Mathematics
8) Elsa Jayne of Elsa Jayne
9) The #TDIT DJ’s fleshing out the band.
9a) DJ Jeff E Jeff of the Electrifying Sessions
9b) DJ Moses Bogart of Straight outta the pit punk rock radio
9c) DJ Mattador of Mano A Mano
9d) DJ AdRock of Mano A Mano
9e) DJ Steel of Mano A Mano

Episode 4: “The ManoKnight Attack” re-released on the Electrifying Sessions!

Yesterday on the Electrifying Session we re-released the Episode 4 of The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff so that it could have a home here on SoundFM. Get ready for the Season 2 promo!!!!

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano Episode 4 Artwork by Tim Jefferies: Episode 4

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Pick A Piper
2) Islands
3) Mystery Track
4) Controller Controller
5) Kanada
6) Drew Smith
7) Miramichi
8) Hot Hot Heat
9) The Mounties
10) Caribou
11) Spooloops
12) The Wet Secrets
13) Broken Social Scene