The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff is a Canadian Comic made by the DJ’s at CKMS’ Mano A Mano show. The project was designed to promote Canadian Bands and local Canadian visual artists. Each episode is drawn by a different local artist. Due to this collaborative process the style of the comic changes from episode to episode however the characters remain easily distinguishable.

Night Shift tent1

Season one of the comic was released in 2013. Each month a script was written and an artist had just over a month to complete the work. Month by month the next episode of the comic was released until the final episode was released at Kitchener’s inaugural Night\Shift festival.

Season two will see the contributions of Brad Merritt of 54-40 reading the script of one of the characters. Ryan Dahle of Limblifter, Age of Electric and the Mounties also plays himself in the final episode of season 2. In addition to these contributions we have also had various Canadian musicians collaborate musically to 5 songs that will be featured during the credits of each of the episodes.

Here are some steps to enjoy a completely free multi-media audio comic that promotes Canadian Arts and Culture.

The Simple way – The YouTube method

1) Visit each of the Episode pages and watch the episode’s YouTube video.

Its literally that easy. Let the video take you through the scenes!

The Comic Book lover way

1) Visit each of the episode pages.
2) Click play on the episodes audio.
3) Open the picture gallery and enjoy the comic book artwork while listening to the story

Comic book lovers really appreciate “comic book art”. Since each episode is created by a new artist some adventurers might want to listen to audio and follow along with the digital book.

The hardcore fan

1) Contact us or visit us at a participating festival and obtain a copy of the limited edition books.
2) Download or stream the episode audio.
3) Have the collectors book to enjoy over and over again!

Good Luck! And may your adventures be ELECTRIFYING!

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