Amanda Hordyk

WaterTownPoliceEpisode2BAmanda Hordyk
Episode 6 Artwork


S1 Episode 6A

One day while in the studio the Mano A Mano DJ’s noticed a local magazine called “Highbrau Magazine’ that was put out by other DJ’s at CKMS. They noticed that the drawn artwork on the cover was great work by a local KW artist named Amanda Hordyk. They contacted her at the beginning of the project but the Mano A Mano email must have gone to her spam. Towards the end of the project she contacted Mano A Mano and asked if there was still a chance that she could contribute. It was perfect timing! Mano A Mano was looking for an artist to do part one of the two part final episode.

Amanda created the pages using watercolour paints and submitted it electronically to Mano A Mano. This episode took two months to complete but due to audio recording. Episode 6 part A and B were recorded at the same time.

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