DJ Jeff E Jeff

DJ Jeff E Jeff is the main character of our story. One night on his bike ride home he becomes enhanced with special powers that enable him to control electronic devices with his mind. These powers allow him to solve various mysteries that are happening in the Watertown area, particularly the ones happening to the radio station, SoundFM, where he programs his own show called Mano A Mano.

Drawings by Fred Start, Steel, Becka Kinzie, Tim Jefferies, Fred Start, and Amanda Hordyk


Lindsay is DJ Jeff E Jeff’s good buddy at the government building where they both work. Lindsay is the hardware specialist for the government and is also an advanced Word of Warcraft player.

Drawings by Fred Start, Steel, Becka Kinzie, Tim Jefferies, Fred Start and Amanda Hordyk

DJ AdRock

DJ AdRock is another friend of DJ Jeff E Jeff’s who is know in Watertown for his phenominal raves. DJ AdRock is a fellow DJ at SoundFM who has his own program where he plays only the freshest beats. DJ AdRock is considered an “Exceptional DJ” after graduating from an EDJ academy.

Drawings by Fred Start, Steel, Becka Kinzie, Tim Jefferies, Fred Start and Amanda Hordyk


Duff is a friend of DJ AdRock’s who works at the nearby Watertown University. He is a chemical engineer who’s advanced knowledge of science helps DJ Jeff E Jeff through various situations.

Drawings by Steel, Becka Kinzie, Tim Jefferies, Fred Start and Amanda Hordyk

Detective J. Steel

Detective J. Steel is host of the Music Mystery show on CKMS SoundFM eh. He is always giviner on a musical mystery no matter how difficult the case may be. He is hired by DJ AdRock to help figure out what is going on in WaterTown.

Drawings by Fred Start and Amanda Hordyk


The ManoKnight

The serial arsonist known as the ManoKnight was also enhanced by the cosmic storm causing brothers Mano and Funk to both reside in the same body. They dislike radio stations ever since the storm stopped them from reaching the government building. Their failed plea was their peaceful attempt to put a stop to the government building a communications tower on their land. They now take out their revenge on radio stations in a more violent way!

Drawings by Fred Start, Becka Kinzie, Tim Jefferies and Fred Start

Ash Wilson

Ash is a power hungry SoundFM board member who will stop at nothing to take over the radio station. He is constantly trying to weaken the station so that he will eventually be able to take it over for his own use and earn some PAYOLA!

Drawings by Fred Start, Steel, Becka Kinzie, Tim Jefferies, Fred Start and Amanda Hordyk

Shad Lavigne
Shad Lavigne is the frontman and lead singer of the band Quarterback. Quarterback is one of the most successful Canadian bands ever! Quarterbacks music is strangely hypnotic to many listeners.

Drawings by Steel, Becka Kinzie and Amanda Hordyk


Olga is DJ Jeff E Jeff’s girlfriend from Russia.

Drawn by Fred Start, Becka Kinzie and Tim Jefferies

Moses Bogart
Moses Bogart is the DJ of the program “Straight outta the Pit – Punk Rock Radio”, which is on directly before the Mano A Mano show. He was once a bass player in a local band before the band had to kick him out of the band because his talents just got too good that the rest of the band couldnt keep up!

Drawn by Steel, Becka Kinzie, and Amanda Hordyk

Mr. Lumberg

Mr. Lumberg is DJ Jeff E Jeff and Lindsay’s Boss at the government building where they work during the day. Mr. Lumberg is mentioned in many episodes of the adventures but has only made a visual appearance in one. (now two)

Drawn by Becka Kinzie and Amanda Hordyk

Patrick Molaney

Patrick Molaney is the headline new anchor at SoundFM. He is constatnly reporting on the happenings around Watertown including the radio station fires, local store break-ins and the city’s favorite mens league team the White T-Shirts.

Drawn by Steel

Dr. Chlorice

Dr. Chlorice is DJ Jeff E Jeff’s doctor who also on weekends suppliments her earnings by doing rounds at the local Watertown hospital. Many think that Dr. Chlorice is smitten with DJ Jeff E Jeff and it is apparent when she tries to talk with him so much that she sometimes forgets about doctor-patient confidentiality.

Drawn by Becka Kinzie

Shayna – EMI Lady

Shayna is the telephone receptionist at the EMI novelty shop where the mysterious drug filled waterbottles were ordered from.

Drawn by Steel

Nightmare Radio

Nightmare Radio used to be the Metal program that aired right after the Mano A Mano show. They changed time slots and can now be heard on fridays. This is why they were only mentioned in Episode 1 and never drawn! Until Episode 6! Of Course DJ Saviour would want to work at the Quarterback concert so he is there getting instruction from Ash

Drawn by Amanda Hordyk


When DJ AdRock was lock up in jail. Barabbas was locked up in the cell beside him.

Drawn by Steel

EMI Security

This EMI Security guard gave DJ Jeff E Jeff a swift beat down before he was able to escape.

Drawn by Steel

Not-Scared Sam

Not-Scared Sam is a radio DJ on a commercial radio station. Not-Scared Sam was the first victim of the serial arson although he did make it out alive he was badly injured.

Drawn by Becka Kinzie

Brad Weber

Brad Weber is the drummer of such Canadian bands as Caribou, Pick a Piper and Spooloops. Many people in Watertown are huge fans of one if not all three of his musical projects. Brad is also great when it comes to interviews always taking the time to stop by the Mano A Mano studio and have a chit-chat about his current project.

Drawn by Tim Jefferies


DJ JD is another DJ from SoundFM. He programs the Show “Up Late with DJ JD and DJ Teckie”, that can be heard Saturday Nights from 8-10pm. Quite often his is doing a combination of spinning some fresh vinyl and setting up some riteous eats.

Drawn by Fred Start and Amanda Hordyk

Sergent Hank

Hank is the Watertown police department Sergent. Nothing happens in this town without him knowing about it!

Drawn by Tim Jefferies and Fred Start


Ruth is a family member of the late Mano and missing brother Funk who were in the horse and buggy accident that happened during the cosmic storm.

Drawn by Fred Start


Tina is the government consultant who comes into the office to give various presentations to the employees to boost moral and employee productivity.

Drawn by Becka Kinzie and Tim Jefferies


Armon is Tina’s assistant and skilled projector operator.

Drawn by Becka Kinzie

Watertown Police

Various Watertown Police officers:


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