Episode 4: The Paperboy released!!

The Electrifying Sessions just released Episode 4: “The Paperboy” last night! Catch the ending of the epic chase down of the ManoKnight. Also, what does a paperboy have to do with anything? Find out here!

The Artwork for Episode 4 that was released on June 16th 2015 was created by Trevor Waurechen. Listen above and check his work out here:

S2 Episode 4

Featured Bands (in the order they appear):

1) Paul Jago and Jud Ruhl
2) A Tribe called Red
3) Patrik Watson
4) Smash Boom Pow
5) Bend Sinister
6) The Cursed Arrows
7) Silent Film Soundtrack
8) The Alpacas
9) Del Bel
10) Chromeo
11) Static in Stereo
12) Robot Apocalypse Featuring Elsa Jayne, Parker Bossley of the Mounties and Ian Somers of Limblifter