Season 1

In 2012 DJ Jeff E Jeff, the field reporter for the Mano A Mano show came into the station one night and pitched his idea to create an audio story.  You can check out that podcast here:

Upon first pitching his idea the story began to write itself. As DJ Jeff E Jeff left the station and it began “pouring on his head”! Many lines from the above podcast ended up showing up in episode one. After writing episode one and basing it off of his experience that fate-filled night, DJ Jeff E Jeff enlisted the help of DJ Steel to help with story writing and editing.

At which point they then started completing the story frantically and giving it to various local artists to complete the artwork in time for the next months release.

Often there was an extra month or two between releases. The final episode of season one was initially released as an installment at the inaugural Night\shift festival in Kitchener. (November 2013)

Night Shift Tent2



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